Beer Fun Friday!

beer fun friday: Sünner Kölsch

It's Beer Fun Friday already!  This past week my husband and I visited one of our favorite local watering holes; Fifth Street Brew Pub.  This place is the first of its kind in Dayton, OH when it comes to breweries.  Fifth Street is a Co-Op and you can purchase a membership which makes you an… Continue reading beer fun friday: Sünner Kölsch

Less Is More

midweek reflection

Week one of my de-clutter challenge has come and gone.  This past week I filled a bag with clothing and other items to donate to Amvets of Ohio.  Amvets is a non-profit that provides career training and employment assistance to American Veterans.  I like donating to this organization and they make it super easy to… Continue reading midweek reflection

Beer Fun Friday!

beer fun friday: hudy 14k

Happy Friday everyone!  Today the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, it's payday, and after work I'll have a beer.  I enjoy an easy drinking "lawn-mower" beer every now and again.  When I reach for an American lager, I prefer Hudy 14k! Hudepohl Brewing Company originated in 1885 in Cincinnati, OH .  The brewery itself… Continue reading beer fun friday: hudy 14k

Less Is More

the first step is to let go

There are some things that I hold close.  For instance, I have a shoebox of old birthday cards that my grandparents gave me when I was kid.  I just don't have the heart to throw them away now that my grandparents are no longer here.  I wasn't ready to say goodbye to any of my grandparents and now… Continue reading the first step is to let go


in the garden

This past weekend was hot, sticky, humid, and just horrible weather for working outside.  My husband and I pushed ourselves for about 5 hours clearing out weeds and honeysuckle around our beloved Biergarden.  I see the cluttered tangle of weeds all around and when I pull them and clear them all back, I'm instantly satisfied.… Continue reading in the garden

Space Madness

new horizons meets pluto

Let's geek out for a second here!  Today is a pretty special day.  NASA's New Horizons spacecraft flew by our littlest dwarf planet early this morning.  It's pretty incredible to witness this event considering the mission to Pluto has taken 9.5 years! The New Horizons spacecraft launched in 2006 and has traveled over a billion miles to… Continue reading new horizons meets pluto