the first of many

Hi there and welcome.  Thank you for taking a moment to swing by.  This is the first post of many, I hope.

Here’s the quick scoop!

I’ve started a few blogs at one time or another and each time the blog ended the same way – lack of commitment, motivation, interest, inspiration, etc.  My first few attempts focused on a theme or specific idea.  I thought that was what I had to do!  Pick one thing and write about that one thing!  I felt like I had stuffed myself into a tiny little blog-theme box and even though I had plenty of ideas to blog about for each theme, I quickly became bored.  What I really wanted to do was to blog freely as my heart desired about all different topics – not just one!  Like so many other people I know, I am interested in more than one hobby, more than one crafty-thing, more than one everything so how can I blog about just one?!

Before I developed this new little blog idea, I did what I do best and that was make a list.  (I love lists, by the way.  LOVE them!)  As I studied the list when I was finished, I realized that all of my most favorite things reminded me of the junk drawer in my kitchen.  At a quick glance you might find a deck of cards, a tape measure, a plastic bag of batteries, a lighter, bread ties, a screwdriver, a bottle opener, a few broken rubber bands, one chopstick, and a small funnel looking thing all shoved in the drawer.  All in this one drawer are the silly oddball things in my house that literally couldn’t possibly live anywhere else.  There’s no better place to keep all the misfit miscellaneous than in a drawer all together, right?  I think so!

And so begins my virtual little junk drawer.


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