operation: de-clutter

This probably sounds like a strange mission given the fact that this blog is called “little JUNK drawer” but I’ve felt “cluttered” in my own environment for some time now.  My husband and I talk frequently about all the stuff we have and how great would be it be if we could get rid of piles of it.  I would love to be free of our mess.  Our house was so empty when we moved in and now it feels too full.


A few years ago I found a blog called The Minimalists.  I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon it but when I found it I couldn’t stop reading it.  I very much enjoyed reading through the archives and learning about the journey that each of the authors experienced as they de-cluttered their lives.  I felt a little envious actually.  At the time, I didn’t think that lifestyle would ever work for me no matter how much I wanted it to. Of course that’s the key, right?  You have to WANT to change.  One recent, quite minimalistic, post says, “Who’s preventing you from being totally free?  You.”

The more I read about this subject the more I realize that Minimalism isn’t just about de-cluttering, it’s about living a  lifestyle that doesn’t place value on things, but rather on experiences.  Living with far less can be freeing!  Over the years I have fantasized about getting rid of possessions that bring me no joy.  I constantly ask myself why I hold on to these things?  Things that just take up space and provide no real value to my overall happiness.  We have made some small changes recently including ditching cable TV and my husband got rid of his x-box and all of his video games.  We find that we hardly watch television at all any more and neither of us miss the time wasted watching shows that are completely meaningless.  We also moved our bedroom to a different room in the house which is much smaller.  We paired down our clothes to just one dresser and one closet between the two of us so we share this space now.  The problem is, I haven’t gotten rid of the clothes that I haven’t worn since we moved into our new space.

I saw this article posted recently on The Minimalists blog called, “A Simpler Family Life: Starting Life Anew with Our Six Kids” by Leo Babauta and I was kind of blown away.  I’m so impressed with this family and how they completely turned their lives around by eliminating excess stuff.  Leo (Bio here!) is the author of Zen Habits blog and has written several books about the subject of minimalism.  There’s a cool post called “I Suck at Habits: How  Do I Get Better?” where he basically says your habits aren’t the problem necessarily.  It’s your environment.  Change your environment and your habits change.  Pretty clever way to think of things.

There are resources galore on this topic which is exciting because I think making a change like this happens at a different pace for everyone.  Becoming Minimalist is another great blog that I’ve stumbled upon. “9 Simple Living Blogs I Highly Recommend” is definitely worth a read if you’re interested in more than one perspective on living a minimalist lifestyle.

This leads me to the point of this post.  It’s time to change my environment!  I’ll start by making it a goal to get rid of at least one thing each week that I no longer need or want.

Anyone else have experience with de-cluttering their lives or living minimalistically?


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