midweek reflection

Week one of my de-clutter challenge has come and gone.  This past week I filled a bag with clothing and other items to donate to Amvets of Ohio.  Amvets is a non-profit that provides career training and employment assistance to American Veterans.  I like donating to this organization and they make it super easy to do.  Just give them a call and schedule a pick up and they give you bags to fill with your donations.

This past week, a little thought popped into my head as I gathered things to remove from my house.  Once I made the decision to give my clothing to Amvets, it didn’t feel like a de-clutter mission, it felt like donation mission.  What can I give away to someone else?  Maybe the clothes that don’t look good on me will look great on someone else!  Maybe someone has a job interview coming up and the skirt that I donated will work great for them.  Maybe that sweater that I don’t wear will become someone else’s favorite sweater.  I knew it wouldn’t be hard for me to shed the excess clothing because honestly, I really only wear a handful of outfits anyway.  It was fun to change my perspective and decide that these things that I don’t need are going to be useful to someone else.

As ambitious as I felt on Monday, I’m having a hard time getting into the swing of a new morning routine.  Changing my bedtime habits to make space for a new morning time has been difficult. I suspect that this goal will be the hardest for me to change over the next few months.  I would love to have enough time each morning before work to take a walk.  I will need to ease into this one carefully so each day, I set my alarm to ring 5 min earlier than the day before.  The extra 5 min has been nice but I found myself sleeping in just a tad because I knew I had a little extra time.  This is not the way to get up earlier!  New Morning Routine for week one was a failure.

The first week wasn’t as hard as I had anticipated – it was easy actually.  I realized that not only do I have a strong desire to de-clutter my physical environment but to also de-clutter my virtual presence.  Facebook has left me feeling disgruntled on more than one occasion and I’ve been tempted to pull the plug so many times.  Wouldn’t it be great if I could just leave that world behind?  I spent a little time this week deleting acquaintances and unchecking the “Like” box on Pages I don’t care about.  I’m less and less interested in interactions on Facebook and more interested in meaningful conversation face to face.

I read a good article this week called Out of Sight is Not Out of Mind over at Raptitude.com about “tidying” up.  A few things struck me about the concept.  First, maybe my method for this project needs to change slightly based on my first weeks impressions.  And secondly, the Joy Test is exactly what I used when I made the decision whether to keep or discard an item this week.  I held the object and decided, sometimes quickly, that this item does not bring me happiness.  Out it goes.

I’m already changing my perspective a little on this project.  I need a little more action for things to really feel different for me.  I need to get rid of more that just one thing a day.


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