time for balance

I am a visual person and I like making connections with images.  Maybe that is why I love photography so much.  There is something about telling a story through photographs that I find very appealing.  I have been thinking about stress and change lately and this diagram sort of sums up a few things for me about both subjects.

First, I see a connection between an increase in energy / decrease in wavelength and stress.  I mean, just look at the tight scrunchy waves on the left side and how chaotically fast they appear to be. Looking at the left side of the image makes me tense.  Now, the other end of spectrum has these nice wide rolling waves with low energy, almost completely stress free.  Feels like taking a nap.  In either case, stress can feel like both extremes.  When you’re so overwhelmed and tense, it starts to feel like bad energy is buzzing around all the time.  The opposite is true when you just don’t have the energy to do anything because you’re depressed.  Somewhere around the middle however, things start to even out and everything becomes balanced for a moment.  That’s the exact place where I want to be; somewhere in the middle, balanced.

The visible light spectrum is absolutely beautiful.  It’s bright and full of colors!  But in grand the scheme of things, visible light rays are just a small sliver between all other rays.  Light rays I can connect with in some way because I can see colors but I can’t even put my hypothetical finger on gamma rays or x-rays or any other rays / waves for that matter.  If I can’t see these things, as I can see the colors of the visible light spectrum, should I worry about it?  We’re zapped with rays all day long, they go right through us.  Which takes me to my second thought which is that there is no reason to stress about the things I can’t control.  Those rays are going through me whether I want them to or not.  My “visible light ray” realm is so small in the grand picture that worrying and stressing about things that are not even in my spectrum is a huge waste of my time, right?

Finally, I was contemplating the rise and fall of each wavelength.  Up and down.  Up and down.  In the diagram, change occurs in regular intervals and just when you reach the lowest point, things begin to change and up you go.  Depending on the amount of energy exerted certainly depends on the amount of time it takes to rise and fall to each next curve.  For every up there is a down and vice versa.  Seems to me that balance is necessary in the universe and without one extreme, the other extreme would not exist.

I write all of this because at times I start to feel incredibly depressed and I worry too much.  I start to stress out about things that I cannot control.  So when I start to feel depressed, stressed or upset about the way things are going in my life, I need to take another look at this diagram.  If I abide by the laws of science and consider the diagram above, then the only conclusion is that slumps are temporary.  If at any point I start to feel that things can get any worse, I need to remember that the only place for me to go from here is back up.


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