diy project overload

Like many other crafty folks out there, I have a Pinterest account with a few boards and a few pins.  I’m not an addict by any means, but I do love scrolling through all the pretty projects and daydreaming about crafting.  I don’t know how many projects that I have pinned that I have actually tried – admittedly not many.  It’s fun to wrap yourself up in a few exciting and creative ideas.  I have a slight obsession with sewing boards and sewing projects.  And lately, I’ve been a little over the moon with projects to try in the baby’s room.

First idea is a mural for the wall behind the baby’s crib.  I love the idea of painting the entire wall with a visually beautiful masterpiece but I’m just not that talented.  I decided to try something a little less ambitious and use 5 or 6 canvases to create the illusion of a wall mural.  The baby’s room will have a neutral pallet with a baby woodland animal / nature sort of theme.  So I thought a mountain range would be really beautiful.  I found a few inspirations and hopefully I can pull one of these off!

I love the color pallet of this example.  It looks pretty simple with just a few colors.

Mountain Range Inspiration 1

  I found this Mountain Mural Bedroom Makeover over at Apartment Therapy and thought it was super awesome.

Mountain Range Inspiration 2

 And then I found this gem over at Wills Casa blog!  I love the bold colors!

Mountain Range Inspiration 3

Even though this is not a mountain scene, I just love this watercolor mural, too.  It’s so pretty and soft which would be perfect for a baby girl’s room.  I would love to incorporate some small water color prints like this in the room to soften things up and add a little color.

Watercolor Mural

Next, is the furniture!  Just moments ago I placed an order for a white crib and mattress combo which means I’ll need a dresser.  I have a dresser that I can use for her room and it’s in great shape but it needs to be painted.  I found a pretty simple-to-follow tutorial on painting furniture on the Centsational Girl blog that I think I’ll give a whirl.  She painted a dresser that is very similar to the one that I have and I think the “after” turned out really nice.   I just need some primer & paint and new hardware and I can get started on this project.  Here are her before and after photos and my inspiration for the baby’s room dresser.

Dresser before

Dresser after

After the crib is assembled, the mural is hung, and the dresser is finished the next DIY project are some little floating shelves like these:

book shelvesMy husband said he could make these pretty easily.  I already have a small collection of baby books saved up and I think these little shelves would be super cute and easy.  I plan to give them a little pop of color since the majority of the room will be pretty neutral.

I’m so excited to get started on some of these projects.  I think first up will probably be the mural.  I have all of the supplies to get started.  Wish me luck!


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