yarn on over

Before the holidays, I told my husband that I thought it would be a great idea to just knit all the kids in our families scarves for Christmas.  Let’s also add that I mentioned this to him two weeks before Christmas.  And there are six kids.  Ghhaaaa!!  Luckily for me, I was able to crank out all six scarves with about an hour to spare on the last one.  My husband had serious doubts but it really all came together beautifully.  Since Christmas, I have been slightly obsessed with learning new knitting stitches.  All I can think about lately is knitting which is kind of wonderful but also somewhat distracting!

My knitting days started a few years ago and like most things, this hobby fell by the wayside when things in my life got a little busy (baby!).  I always have this itch though to start knitting around October and I think about knitting until after spring rolls around.  Up until recently, I have only dabbled in what little knitting knowledge that I have to make simple scarves.  But lately, I just want to try more challenging projects.

scarf #1

Literally, my very first scarf made with the basic garter stitch.

It turns out the women in my family have always loved yarn!  My Meemaw was a knitter and when I was a kiddo, I remember watching her throw some stitches from time to time (she was an English style knitter).  She always had piles of yarn at her house.  I loved looking through her stash and obsessing over all of the pretty colors.  I didn’t learn to knit from her but I loved to watch whenever she had needles in her hand and yarn by her side.

My mom taught me the basic knitting stitches.  She taught me Continental style knitting because I think that was the way that she learned.  She either learned to knit from her mother or from her Great Aunt Em, I can’t remember.  My  mom also had a substantial stash of yarn to play with.  I think she still has quite of few boxes saved back!  She might have inherited my Meemaw’s yarn stash after she passed away.

Perhaps the heart of my yarn years started with my Mom’s Great Aunt Em (my Great, Great Aunt).  She could knit and crochet but I think she enjoyed crochet more than knitting.  She taught me to crochet when I was a little girl.  I remember visiting her for the weekend and she would show me how to make a long crochet chain.  I would practice while she watched the news and I think my chains just went on forever.  I loved to watch her crochet, too.  She was so fast and her stitches always looked so beautiful.  She had a jar full of crochet hooks of all different colors and sizes.  I thought they were all so cool and comfortable to hold.

She made my brothers and I blankets a few times when we were kids and scarves, too.  She was always working a project or two when we visited her house.  Yarn always seemed to be the perfect gift for her (as was wine!).  Aunt Em crocheted well into her 90’s.  Before she set aside her hooks for good, my mom had her crochet some baby blankets.  My mom gifted two of the blankets to me when Baby Jane was born which I will cherish forever.  They are some of the last blankets Aunt Em ever made.  Aunt Em lived to be 100 and whenever I think of her, I think about her beautifully crocheted blankets and it makes me smile.

So all of these wonderful women in my family have had a history with playing with yarn.  I consider myself a beginning in terms of experience and I really need to practice more techniques before I feel comfortable attempting the patterns that I really want to try.  I just recently made my very first baby hat and let’s just say it didn’t turn out that great.  It’s a little too big for Jane and the stitches don’t look that great.  That’s okay though.  I have to start somewhere!  It takes years of practice and experience to knit and crochet like my Aunt Em.  I hope to follow right along in her footsteps so I better get my yarn (and wine) ready!


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