wrap it up

This weekend, I finished a few projects.  One really big one and a little fun one.

Our cat, Mika, just loves the texture of our couch and enjoys (to no end) digging into the fabric to sharpen her little talons.  There is nothing you can do to keep her from sprinting up to the couch, scratching furiously, and then taking off before you can shush her along.  I think she secretly loves watching me run after her.  The couch has turned into one giant cat scratching post.  She has destroyed the sides.

My little sweet baby is mobile now and she semi-crawling.  She inevitably goes straight for the shredded arms where the stuffing is exposed and the wooden frame is poking through.  It’s a mess and it had to be fixed and covered.  So big project and priority number one was to sew up slip covers for the sides of the couch. I used some durable canvas fabric (a texture the cat is sure to hate) and sewed a long piece to a custom-sized front panel for each arm and then we stapled the fabric to the couch frame.  It doesn’t look great but it’s a nice band-aide.  The couch is probably 15 years old and I suppose one day we will invest in some new furniture but until then – it is now canvas wrapped to protect the innocent.

The second finished project is this cute little baby hat!


Baby Jane’s New Hat!

I found this free hat pattern on Mama’s Stitchery Projects blog and it looked pretty easy.  The pattern instructs to knit the hat as a flat piece and then seam the sides together.  I thought I would give this a try since I do not have a set of 16″ round needles nor to do I have double pointed needles.  The pattern is very easy for a beginner to follow.  The first time that I tried this pattern, the hat (my first knitted hat ever) was way, way too big.  It was huge, actually.  So I tried the same pattern again but I used a smaller weight of yarn.  It turned out much better although still not great because I just see all the mistakes and loose stitches.

I am also not very good at knitting with two colors yet so I used this as a practice piece.  I was shooting for an ombra color change and ended up with a solid line instead.  I am interested in learning fair isle knitting techniques and thought this would be a good chance to practice holding the yarn and switching colors back and forth.  Interweave posted a pretty good intro to fair isle knitting here: “Fair Isle Knitting Demystified” and I’m pretty fascinated by all the cool things you can do with color!

This morning I was so excited for the baby to try on her new hat.  I gently and lovingly placed the hat on the baby’s head and she promptly ripped it off.  She is generally not fond on things on her head so I should have known it would end up on the floor!


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