the roseanne afghan

A few years ago, my husband and I decided to ditch cable TV.  We got tired of flipping through endless channels in search of something interesting to watch.  TV seemed like a waste of time especially since we could be doing something else with our time, like go for a walk or read or do something productive.  If we do watch TV in the evening, we are usually fixed on the LAFF channel.  We happened upon it one night when we spotted a re-run episode of Night Court.  My husband LOVES the Night Court theme song and we caught ourselves watching a few episodes and laughing.  I had forgotten about that show since it aired when I was kid and I didn’t really get many of the jokes.  In addition to Night Court, you can also watch re-runs of the Drew Carey Show, and Roseanne!  Wow!

I do remember watching Roseanne when I was a youngster.  I don’t remember a whole lot of details about it, just that it was a funny show from my childhood and John Goodman was the TV dad.  Now that I’m older, and paying attention, I catch little things about the show that make me laugh.  I guess I’ll save a full show review for another post because what I really want to talk about is that afghan!  I’m sort of obsessed with the hilariously ugly / awesome granny square afghan in the Roseanne show.  Whenever there is a shot of the living room in the show, I stare at the afghan.



I think we had a pillow at home that looked exactly like that one. This is one of the best photos I could find of the afghan.

roseanne afghan

I think this is an image from an episode in Season 9 after they won the lottery and bought a new couch. Of course the afghan stayed.

There are only a handful of images online that I could find of the afghan and as you can see, they are not the best quality photos.  You can’t really see the details of the squares.  Image #1 and #2 look like the squares are made up of 5 crocheted rounds, the first 4 rounds alternating colors and the 5th round is black.  The afghan in image #3 looks like 4 crocheted rounds with the first 3 rounds alternating colors and the 4th round is black.  Personally, I like the crazy colors in the first two images.  The afghan in the 3rd image looks like a more “modern” looking afghan to go with their more “modern” furniture.  That would be my guess.

I must make one of these afghans!  But first, I need to re-learn the basics of crochet.  So I watched a few crochet videos online and set to work on practicing a few rounds.  The first granny square is complete and I only have about 124 more to go!


First granny square complete

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