the album

Daily Post Theme:  Ten

When I was a pre-teen I went through a little grunge rock phase, but didn’t everybody?  Thanks to MTV, I discovered the sounds of new bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Temple of the Dog, Toadies, Smashing Pumpkins, etc.  My favorite was Pearl Jam.  I used to listen to the album Ten on my walkman at night when I was supposed to be sleeping.  I would rewind and play the anthem songs of my youth over and over. His voice is still ingrained in my mind.  Ripped jeans and flannel shirts were my security blankets.  I remember flipping through Hit Parader magazine and carefully ripping out photos of Eddie Vedder. Oh so carefully, I wallpapered my room with images of his sweaty performances.  He sang so intensely into the mic; arms flexed, and spit flying.  He was so “ALIVE”.

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