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Christmas Balls!

I know, Christmas is long over.  But I found a knitting pattern for a Christmas Ball ornament and it is literally all I can think about. You know how sometimes you search the internet for something particular and then you accidentally stumble onto something not related at all but really cool anyway?  That is exactly… Continue reading Christmas Balls!

Space Madness

i want to believe

NASA Telescope Reveals Largest Batch of Earth-Size, Habitable-Zone Planets Around Single Star This is why I believe in science and stardust.  This is why I cannot fathom an entire universe with only ONE lonely blue dot that holds life.  News like this makes me feel hopeful actually.  The possibility of life elsewhere puts things in… Continue reading i want to believe

Family & Baby!, Writing Prompt

a new milestone

Daily Post Theme: Rhythmic My little sweetpea has successfully slept through the night the last five nights in a row.  It started last week when I finally decided that it was time to give her a chance to fall asleep on her own, without my help.  Instead of rocking her to sleep, I laid her in the… Continue reading a new milestone

Family & Baby!, Quotes!

life is not without change

I've been thinking about motherhood lately.  Just when I start to get the hang of being a Mama, something changes, and I'm reminded that I have no idea what I'm doing.  My baby is 8 months old now and she's growing too fast.  I think about the months and years ahead and I'm giddy with… Continue reading life is not without change

DIY & Crafty!, Knitting / Crochet

team building exercise: knitting

A remarkable thing happened recently.  About a month ago, I wore one of my knitted scarves to work one day which caught the interest of a few of my co-workers.  Within moments, I had a small crowd of people inspecting my scarf and ask me questions about how I made it.  It turns out there… Continue reading team building exercise: knitting

Family & Baby!, Writing Prompt

Plan B

Daily Post Theme: Heard It started as a tiny whimper, then a gasp, and finally a loud grunt.  The baby monitor vibrated on my nightstand as she heaved a perturbed cry.  I heard a thump and another cry.  In the dark, I reach for the monitor and pressed the video button without looking.  A blast… Continue reading Plan B

Family & Baby!, Writing Prompt

she is full of fire

Daily Post Theme: Lovingly When my little sweet baby was about 6 months old, I would lay her in her crib awake at night, kiss her on the nose, and say "good-night".  I would leave the room and in 15 minutes or so she would be asleep.  Of course it didn't work every time -… Continue reading she is full of fire

Book It, Less Is More, Writing Prompt

the magic of a good home

A few days ago, I walked by this little note, "Free to a good home! (Smiley-face)".  The note and book were left outside of the copier room where I work.  Logically, a good place to stash unwanted items, since the copier room is a pretty central location with a fair amount of foot traffic.  Surely,… Continue reading the magic of a good home