team building exercise: knitting

A remarkable thing happened recently.  About a month ago, I wore one of my knitted scarves to work one day which caught the interest of a few of my co-workers.  Within moments, I had a small crowd of people inspecting my scarf and ask me questions about how I made it.  It turns out there are a few secret, underground knitters in my office just like me!  Pretty soon we were all talking about patterns, and stitches, and needles, and yarn!  It was such a great conversation and I feel like all of us instantly connected over our love of fiber arts.  We decided to meet at lunchtime to knit and learn from each other.

All too often my entire office ends up sitting at our desks to eat our lunches instead of taking a break.  For years this has been the culture and it almost seems to be expected – eat and keep working!   What better way to entice us to leave our desks for a bit than to dangle a beautiful ball of yarn in front of our faces!

So for the past week or so, a group of us have managed to leave the shackles of our desks for 1 hour to eat our lunches and knit completely worry free of work.  This really fun thing started to happen – we started really talking to each other and connecting with one another while knitting.  We have shared websites to check out, blogs to follow, podcasts to listen to, YouTube videos to watch and patterns to try.  We have excitedly shown each other our projects proudly and we “ooooo” and “aaahhhhh” over each others work.

I have worked at many places where I feel heavy with stress and dread when I walk through the door.  It feels different where I work now.  I don’t feel the weight of work on my shoulders all the time.  Although I am busy and there are deadlines galore, it is so refreshing to work in an environment that is generally happy and full of positive energy.  We are all overworked at times and tasks pile up but we are not without laughter throughout the day.

It really is nice to find so many people at work that are interested in a hobby that you are passion about, too.  Knitting or crocheting might just be a team-building activity that brings us all a little closer together.


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