a new milestone

Daily Post Theme: Rhythmic

My little sweetpea has successfully slept through the night the last five nights in a row.  It started last week when I finally decided that it was time to give her a chance to fall asleep on her own, without my help.  Instead of rocking her to sleep, I laid her in the crib awake.  Each night it takes her less time to settle on her own and drift to sleep.  She fusses for a few minutes only and then there is a soft sleeping silence.

I already miss holding and rocking her to sleep though.  The soothing and rhythmic motion of the rocking chair calmed us both and we rested together. She purred in my arms as she fell asleep.  Of course I can still rock her during the day but there is something about the rocking ritual before bedtime that I love so much.  Maybe because she seems like a different baby when she’s ready for bed.  At bedtime her full weight rests on me instead of her strong will resisting and pushing away as she does in the daylight hours.  She’s quiet and peaceful and she welcomes the comfort of my arms at night.


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