march: a slight hiatus

The month of March was an especially tough one.  My little family experienced two losses – one miscarriage and one lost cat.

In February, my husband and I learned that we were expecting another baby due in October!  It was such surprising news to us since we weren’t exactly trying for another baby yet.  Baby Jane is only 10 months old right now so two little babies sounded overwhelming but exciting nonetheless!  It didn’t take long for me to become overjoyed at the news and I realized that it was also the perfect time frame for me for a second little one.  Everything was moving right along perfectly and then all of the sudden it wasn’t.  It is truly heart breaking to miscarry.

Sadly, it is so much more common than I expected and in fact, some women don’t even know they are pregnant.  I am not alone in suffering from this kind of loss.  There are many, many strong women out there that have endured loss far worse than I.  Pregnancy can actually be pretty dangerous and super difficult on a woman’s body.  Honestly, this loss has just made me realize and further appreciate how delicate and precious life can be.  I am so lucky that Jane was born healthy.

In the midst of losing the baby, my sweet cat Heiko vanished.  He has still not returned home and we aren’t sure what happened to him.  We may never know.

Everything will be okay, but sometimes bad news can take its toll so I thought I would take a little break from writing and re-group.  I decided to re-direct my depression and focus on staying busy and keeping positive.  I have a sweet little baby to look after and she doesn’t deserve to feel my sad energy.  Although I truly think that she is the reason that I’m doing okay after all.


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