pirate’s cove shawl

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I’ve been working on a new knitting project and so far I have mixed feelings of my progress.  I found a free shawl pattern on Ravelry: Pirate’s Cove by Hilary Latimer and thought it looked easy enough for a beginner.  The shawl is entirely garter stitch with one section of a lace-type stitch.  All very simple and easy to follow.  There is color work which makes it interesting to hold but fun to see it all come alive as you knit.  It’s surely a challenge to keep all of the balls from tangling.

I’ve made a few mistakes already which is unsettling given that the pattern is so darn easy.  The first mistake takes place in the lace section almost half way through the shawl.  The lace section introduces a third color and the row pattern repeat as follows: contract color 1 (white), contrast color 2 (sea foam green), contrast color 1 (white), main color (beige).  These four rows are repeated 8 times for 64 rows total. Now, I should add that as you begin the lace section, you already have about 82 stitches on your needles which is kind of a lot.  I explain all of this because about 2 row repeats in, I realized that one of my color changes was off.  It should have been white and it was beige.  DAMNIT!  The thought of ripping back and re-doing that section over what was (to me) a hardly noticeable color mistake gave me pause.  I didn’t do it.  I continued knitting.

My next mistake is more visible to the eye.  Exactly half way through the lace section, I saw that I was not getting the “hole” effect that the lace instructions specified.  I started to worry and frantically looked for photos of the completed shawl on Ravelry from fellow knitters.  Mine definitely did not look like the completed projects I was seeing from the experts.  The next round, I tried the lace pattern a different way and low and behold, the holes popped right out perfectly!  I had been knitting a simple yarn over stitch wrong for FOUR SECTIONS!  Ghhaaaa!

As I sat holding my more than half-way completed shawl and counting up the stitches in my head, I decided NOT to unravel the whole thing.  Luckily for me, the white / beige mishap is not noticeable so I don’t really care much about mistake number 1.  The lace mistake is more evident, but I think it’s a nice “design element” since it appears half way through rather than at a weird row that doesn’t make sense.  I plan to ignore mistake number 2 also.  So on I go with the completing the shawl.  I’ll post a few pictures of the progress soon!


4 thoughts on “pirate’s cove shawl

  1. Betty boivin says:

    I am also knitting it, ifind that a diagram of the shape and measurements, not forgetting nomber of stitches to end with, would have been most helpful.

    Liked by 1 person

    • s_browning says:

      Yes – I agree! I made too many mistakes along the way with this one and a few more tips in the pattern would have been helpful. There was only one picture posted, too. If it weren’t for the photos that other knitters posted, I wouldn’t know what it was supposed to look like. Good luck on your shawl!


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