A House Full of Flyers!

This past weekend was super busy but it was great!  I’m so proud of my husband that I could burst!   This past weekend he graduated Manga Cum Laude from the University of Dayton with a degree in Global Manufacturing Technology Systems from the School of Engineering!  Our weekend started with an awards ceremony on Friday evening for the School of Engineering.  My husband received an award of excellence for outstanding senior in his major!

Jake receives an Award of Excellence for Outstanding Senior in his major!

This journey has been long and hard for us both with changing schedules and college expenses, but it has been worth every step.  He decided to take a big leap and change career paths about 5 or 6 years ago and we have not looked back.  He was a High School German Teacher for 15 years but in his heart he is an Engineer!  So with a great leap of faith he went back to college and earned his second undergrad degree – this time in an area of study that excites him to no end.  He is ready for the next step – a career in Additive Manufacturing!  Congrats on your hard work my Precious and welcome to UD Alumni status!  Now we can go to reunions together!

I decided to bring the baby with me to the 3 hour commencement ceremony and she actually did pretty good.  I was worried that she would be absolutely crazy since the ceremony cut directly into her usual nap time.  I had this ridiculous thought that she might be so tired that she would fall asleep on someone’s shoulder but that definitely did not happen.  She was too excited about everything happening around her that she couldn’t sit still.  She spent most of her time jumping between Grammy & Papa (my husbands parents).  She didn’t want to sit with me much.  I did walk around with her some to give them both a break so they could watch the ceremony and I held her long enough to give her some water and a snack.  She did good for her first graduation anyway.

After graduation, we had a small party at our house to celebrate.  The weather was sunny enough to be outside but super windy and chilly.  Of course that didn’t keep anyone from enjoying some food and beers.  We had a nice time anyway.

Sunday graduation photo! He graduated Magna Cum Laude with a fancy hood and beautiful cords!

We’re closing in on Baby Jane’s first birthday.  She is 11 months old now and officially doing all sorts of new things every day.  She started walking at almost exactly 10 months which means that she now meets the official definition of “toddler” (she toddles).  It’s so hard to believe that she is almost a year old.  When people say “hold on to each moment for as long as you can because it goes by fast”, they really mean it.  Babies grow up so damn fast.  Slow down Baby Jane.  Slow down.  We’ll be celebrating her college graduation before we know it and maybe she’ll be a UD Alumni, too.

Baby Jane is a Flyer, too. She is now 11 months old as of Sunday.

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