there and back again!

Believe it or not, I have been knitting!  I have a few projects going at the moment that I would love to finish.  I need to free up some needles so that I can start more projects!  It’s a vicious cycle.  The first project is the Frango Sampler Scarf.  I have been working on this one for quite some time and I have to admit, I’m becoming bored.  I’m not thrilled with the colors that I chose for this project.  I used these colors because I had the right size yarn stashed away and I didn’t want to buy more yarn.  I actually want LESS yarn if that makes any sense at all.  I know it must sound crazy, but I don’t want a huge stash of yarn anymore.  I used to buy tons of it for the sake of having it just in case I decide to make something with it.  I digress!  The Frango Sampler Scarf really is a beautiful scarf and I chose this project because I wanted to try some new techniques (for me) – particularly the provisional cast on and the three needle bind off.  I think that if I purchased yarn specifically to make this in a color palette that I liked, I would be a lot more excited about it.

Sadly, I don’t plan to finish this completely.  I don’t want to waste the yarn or the time on something that I don’t absolutely love.  I will finish one more section of white after the tan and bind off.  I was thinking of stuffing it and making it into a sort of oblong shaped pillow for the baby.  She won’t care what it looks like, as long as she can lay on it or drag it around!

I took a little break from the Frango scarf to practice some stitches by making this quick dishcloth (Hazelnut Stitch Dishcloth).  Again, I don’t have any cotton yarn, so I practiced with some acrylic yarn, that I have too much of.  I could never use this sample as a dishcloth because it is way too stretchy but it was fun to knit.

I have a third project cooking but I don’t have any photos to share.  I am knitting a third Christmas Ball from the Christmas Ball book.  The pattern that I chose from the book is more complicated than anything I’ve tried before so it is taking me forrreeevvvverrr to finish.  It looks really nice so far, but it has just been time consuming and I have to concentrate which means no talking or drinking!  I’ll post a photo when I am finished!

That’s all for now – I’ll try to catch up on other news soon!  Happy Friday and happy knitting!

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