knitting in the sunshine

This past weekend went by way too quickly!  Luckily for me, I spent some good quality time knitting in the afternoon and evening which was great!  It was pretty warm and humid each day but nice enough in the evenings to sit outside in the biergarten and enjoy the mosquitoes…I mean cool evening breezes.  I was brutally attacked by every biting bug in town and my legs are proof of the carnage!  I’m covered in itchy bug bites!  Of course this didn’t keep me from sitting outside and knitting.

One evening this weekend was especially nice and relaxing.  As the sun set through the trees, the most beautiful warm glowing light began to touch my fingers as I knit.  It was so pretty and peaceful.  The sun shining on my needles made all of the colors stand out vibrantly.   This is the kind of knitting that I like; quiet, reflective, and calming.  For me, and for many, knitting is meditation.  Sometimes when I knit, I forget to shift my posture to a relaxed position and drop my shoulders rather than hold them scrunched up.  Often times I don’t realize how tense I am when concentrating on something intently – I do this at work a lot.  I forget to relax.  The moment I saw the sun setting, I immediately relaxed.  It was a good reminder to me to breathe deeply and enjoy the meditative nature of knitting.

What do you find calming?

Happy Knitting!

knitting in the warm sunshine

Taking notes on a new Baby Poncho pattern


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