having a ball!

A few months ago, I purchased 55 Christmas Balls to Knit and so far I have completed three of the ball patterns from the book!  Yay!  These little balls are both challenging and fun!  I never thought I would be able to knit a three dimensional object but the pattern and instructions are actually pretty easy to follow.

For me, the most difficult part of knitting the ball is the cast on and then the first 5 to 6 rows.  You start with only three stitches on four needles and then you increase stitches on every other row near the beginning and end of each needle.  It is pretty difficult to handle at first when there aren’t many stitches.  I must have started the cast on row and first few rows of knitting about 10 or 11 times before I really got the feel for it.  I started with metal needles and acrylic fine weight yarn (because I have tons of it) and ended up switching to bamboo needles and wool yarn.  Switching the needles and yarn made things infinitely easier to handle and I think it looks nicer.  The book recommends using wool.

The book includes some traditional Scandinavian motifs that are incorporated into the ball patterns.  There are so many beautiful looking patterns that it has been hard to choose which one to knit!  I haven’t had a chance to purchase any red or white wool yarn yet so I’ve been practicing with whatever wool colors that I have on hand.  This blue and orange combo is pretty wild for me but I do like how the orange pops against the blue so that you can really see the pattern.

Here is a closer look at the rose pattern. I need to work on tightening up my stitches between color changes to make things look a little more even. I see some places where the stitches are loose.

Don’t study these floats too carefully! Some are WAY too long.

Knitting in the evening sunshine is my favorite!

Almost finished – the final steps are to fill, close the ball ends, and weave in the tails.

I really enjoy knitting these little balls!  I’ll have to buy some red and white wool pretty soon so I can start making some Christmas gifts.  Yep – already thinking about Christmas knitting!!

Has anyone ever made a ball or 3-dimension object?  What did you make?


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