summer time is for sweaters?

Well, maybe summer time is not for wearing sweaters but surely for knitting them, right?  I think my next big knitting challenge will be to knit a sweater!  I’ve been thinking about it for some time now and I’m ready to dive in!  First stop for the perfect beginner pattern search was Ravelry (of course!).

I did a quick search and found quite a selection of different sweater possibilities!  My criteria were pretty simple; top-down, free, pullover, and knit.  The Flax and Flax Light from the Tin Can Knits has popped up in my search before based on top-down, raglan, and “easy”.  I thought I would take a close look this time to see if this might be a possibility.

Quick Ravelry Search for Sweaters!

The Tin Can Knits have put together this awesome beginner knitting pattern package called The Simple Collection.  This collection has some easy first knits like hats, scarves, basic socks, and sweaters!!  I absolutely love the Flax Light sweaters and I can’t wait to knit EVERYONE in my family one.

This photo is from the Tin Can Knits website. Just look how cute those sweaters are!

I also adore this light t-shirt like sweater called Battersea published by KnitBug.  There is a free pattern available at their website and you can find a link and more details about the sweater through Ravelry here!  The pattern looks a little to complicated for me right now, but I definitely want to try this one after I get a feel for knitting a sweater!  It’s really pretty!

This photo came from the KnitBug website. I love this!




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