thankful friday / persistence

Every now and then something tremendous happens in my life and I forget to take a minute to be thankful.  Today my heart is full and I am thankful for sure.

I recently wrote about applying for a new Masters degree program at the University where I work. I received notification that I had been accepted to the program – that’s great news!  All I had to do was verify my acceptance by paying the $400 seat fee.

I contacted my employee benefits rep in HR, her name is Beth, and asked her if the required seat fee would be covered under the tuition remission program as a full time employee at the University and she said yes!  I called the Law School to inquire about how my tuition would be covered as a full time employee, and that’s when I learned that tuition for this program would NOT be covered.  The Law School does NOT participate in tuition remission for employees!  Oh!  I was shocked and completely devastated!  How could this be?  Why?  How much would the program cost then? Let’s just say that unfortunately, the Law School is very, very expensive.  That’s terrible news.

I read through the employee handbook and sure enough – Law School is not covered.  The Law School programs are all full time programs and how can you do your job full time if you are enrolled in Law School full time?  Good point.  Heavy sigh.

I circled back around to Beth in HR and I told her that the Law School said NO to tuition remission.  I thought I would just let her know since clearly there is a disconnect between the info she provided and what the Law School just said.  She immediately questioned it.  This new program is only one course a semester, one class a week, and after work hours.  That’s not full time!  She told me to hang tight and she would discuss this with her peers.

She contacted me yesterday morning and said that this new program would be FULLY COVERED.  She said that everyone agreed and then proceeded to contact Student Accounts to make sure that I was covered and enrolled.  I got an email yesterday afternoon from Student Accounts with my login credentials.

Beth – from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU, for pursuing this for me.  THANK YOU for taking the time to question whether one little employee qualified for tuition remission benefits.  THANK YOU for being responsive and persistent.  THANK YOU for taking it one step further and following up with Student Accounts.  THANK YOU for giving me such great news.

I’m IN.  I’m going to Law School.  Shit!  Haha!


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