thankful friday / listening

Listen.  I often forget how hard it is to listen.  It takes concentration and focus to really listen to someone.  You have to stop your own mind from racing to the next thought or comment and just pay attention to the person talking.

It isn’t very often that I’m the “talker” in a conversation.  I’m usually the listener.  Sometimes when I’m talking though, I don’t feel like the other person is listening.  They are either preoccupied with their phone or they are ready to say the next thing that comes to their mind.   You can almost see it in a person’s eyes that they aren’t really listening, which is kind of funny.

A good friend came to visit me on my lunch hour earlier this week.  I had had a rough weekend, and she let me talk through the low points.  She listened.  I didn’t need advice or counselling, I just needed someone to talk to.  She gave me her undivided attention and was supportive.  She let me unload my worries for a moment and with no judgement of any kind whatsoever.  I felt better.  I felt relieved.  All she did was listen and for that I’m thankful.


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