And Just Like That –

– it’s mid-September!  The last few weeks have not only flown by but have included a flurry of activity.

Baby Jane is 15 months old now and she is unstoppable!  She is curious and fast and fearless and funny and understands words and is suddenly attached to me and lets me hold her longer and wants to say things but if only she can get her mind and her mouth to work together.  She is smart and notices details.  She says “hi” to everyone and waves.  She is sweet.  I love her more and more every day and I don’t know if my heart can possibly take it if love keeps going at this rate.  I see myself in her now.  I see my husband.  We have made this beautiful child and I am thankful that she is so perfect.   I am looking forward to the holidays this year and every year so that I can witness her experience the magic and innocence of childhood.  She has made me young again.

I started Grad school at the end of August and it has taken me some time to adjust to the new schedule and to ease into being a “student” again.  Yikes!   I graduated with an undergrad in 2005 and slipping back into this hasn’t been easy.  The advantage of this program is that it is only one course a semester, one night a week.  So far I’m tasked with a lot of reading.  This program is covered by my employment benefits at the University where I work.  I have absolutely nothing to complain about and everything to be thankful for.  Three years is nothing – I got this!

I am proud to say that neither a small toddler nor Grad school hasn’t stopped me from casting on new knitting projects!  I have two WIPs (Work In Progress) going at the moment.

First up is a free pattern called the Fiona Baby Sundress from Very Pink.  If I haven’t said this before, I’ll say it now:  if you want to learn to knit, watch ALL of Staci Perry’s knitting tutorials on YouTube.  Subscribe to her channel!  She has the very best knitting videos out there!  In fact, she has a video tutorial on how to knit the Fiona Baby Sundress.  It is such an easy knit and has been pretty quick to work through.  The pattern is pretty basic which makes it easy to customize.  I should be finished with it this week.

The second project is a Christmas gift for one of my brother-in-laws.  I designed the scarf myself with a fair isle pattern border that is quite hilarious and right up his alley.  I’ll post more on both WIPs in the next day or two including photos of the progress.

Knitting is never far from my mind.  In fact, I have been thinking / dreaming of Christmas knitting for literally MONTHS.  Of course, these are the gifts I should have been knitting all year long but I have waited until just recently to start.  Believe me, mid-September feels like “last minute” especially since a many of them are more difficult designs and will take longer to knit.  Last year, I cranked out 7 scarves in two weeks time but those were simple quick knits in children sizes.  I have very ambitious knitting goals for this Christmas including mittens, hats, shawls, sweaters and heaven knows what else I cooked up in my mind.   It will most likely come down to time and yarn on hand that will determine that everyone should have a new HAT for Christmas.

.  .  x  o  .  .


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