Getting in the Way

I don’t know how many times a day that I utter, “my day job is getting in the way.”  On a daily basis, I commiserate with one of my co-worker friends about the subject.  Both of us would much rather be knitting than working.  Who wouldn’t rather be at home enjoying their hobby as opposed to sitting at an uncomfortable desk plugging away at a job that does not make your life feel fulfilled?  This is not who we are!  We are artists!  And we are trapped in a non-arty job!  Dang it!

Alas, the best moment of the day is arriving home, peeling off my coat and bag, and finding my sweet baby girl screaming with happiness and running to greet me.  We play and hug, eat dinner, she jumps in the bath, and then we read all the books she owns.  After she goes to bed, I pull out my knitting projects.  Sometimes I wonder what I did with all my time before I had a baby and before I started knitting.  I must have just sat around!  These two things and my husband are literally my absolute favorite things!

Hug your loved ones and find your balance.


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