next wip: baby blanket

I have a small stash problem at the moment and unfortunately a big part of that stash includes a variety of acrylic yarn.  I’ve whined about acrylic yarn in other posts and I do apologize for bringing it up once again.  I am trying to use it up so we don’t have to think about it anymore.

Given the news that I am expecting a new baby this August, I decided my next project will be a baby blanket.  Keeping in mind my 2018 knitting goals,  I chose a new project that hits a few items on my list including learn new techniques, use Ravelry more, and use up my stash.  I love the Petits Pins blanket by Espace Tricot  because it looks really intricate and beautiful and almost beyond my skill level.  I downloaded the free pattern and immediately read the instructions and couldn’t believe how simple it sounded.  I couldn’t wait to cast on this project!

Petits Pins Blanet / Photo: Espace Tricot

I’m four or five pattern repeats into the project and I love how it is turning out so far.  I actually don’t mind that this blanket is acrylic.  I plan to use it often and wash it so it needs to be durable.  I can see little baby fingers and toes getting stuck in the yarn overs but goodness this blanket is pretty and fun to knit.

I also love this Chevron Baby Blanket by Espace Tricot as well.  The colors they have chosen for this example are so pretty and it reminds me of spring time.  Maybe Jane needs a new blanket, too?  I’m sure to be rid of this stash after these two blankets!

Chevron Baby Blanket / Photo: Espace Tricot

What’s on your needles?

happy knits!

. xoxo .

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