too much acrylic yarn

The Daily Post Theme: Yarn I can’t exactly pass up the Daily Post Theme about YARN, now can I? I have been pretty busy with a few knitting projects.  I have finished the Pirate Cove Shawl and I’m pretty pleased with it overall.  I have not taken a full photo of the finished project yet, but I will soon.  Here is a snip-it of the shawl in my lap while I sat in my Biergarten to knit one warm evening. And if we zoom out a bit, you can see that I’m watching carefully over my tiny sweet baby while … Continue reading too much acrylic yarn

Christmas Balls!

I know, Christmas is long over.  But I found a knitting pattern for a Christmas Ball ornament and it is literally all I can think about. You know how sometimes you search the internet for something particular and then you accidentally stumble onto something not related at all but really cool anyway?  That is exactly how I found Arne & Carlos and their incredibly awesome knitted Christmas Balls.  I was searching for tutorials on fair isle knitting techniques and ended up watching an Arne & Carlos video and I was instantly hooked!  I have watched almost all of their knitting … Continue reading Christmas Balls!

team building exercise: knitting

A remarkable thing happened recently.  About a month ago, I wore one of my knitted scarves to work one day which caught the interest of a few of my co-workers.  Within moments, I had a small crowd of people inspecting my scarf and ask me questions about how I made it.  It turns out there are a few secret, underground knitters in my office just like me!  Pretty soon we were all talking about patterns, and stitches, and needles, and yarn!  It was such a great conversation and I feel like all of us instantly connected over our love of … Continue reading team building exercise: knitting

the roseanne afghan

A few years ago, my husband and I decided to ditch cable TV.  We got tired of flipping through endless channels in search of something interesting to watch.  TV seemed like a waste of time especially since we could be doing something else with our time, like go for a walk or read or do something productive.  If we do watch TV in the evening, we are usually fixed on the LAFF channel.  We happened upon it one night when we spotted a re-run episode of Night Court.  My husband LOVES the Night Court theme song and we caught ourselves watching a … Continue reading the roseanne afghan

wrap it up

This weekend, I finished a few projects.  One really big one and a little fun one. Our cat, Mika, just loves the texture of our couch and enjoys (to no end) digging into the fabric to sharpen her little talons.  There is nothing you can do to keep her from sprinting up to the couch, scratching furiously, and then taking off before you can shush her along.  I think she secretly loves watching me run after her.  The couch has turned into one giant cat scratching post.  She has destroyed the sides. My little sweet baby is mobile now and she semi-crawling. … Continue reading wrap it up

knitting is never a waste of time

~quote of the day~ “Sometimes, people come up to me when I am knitting and they say things like, “Oh, I wish I could knit, but I’m just not the kind of person who can sit and waste time like that.” How can knitting be wasting time? First, I never just knit; I knit and think, knit and listen, knit and watch. Second, you aren’t wasting time if you get a useful or beautiful object at the end of it. I will remember that not everyone understands. I will resist the urge to ask others what they do when they … Continue reading knitting is never a waste of time

diy project overload

Like many other crafty folks out there, I have a Pinterest account with a few boards and a few pins.  I’m not an addict by any means, but I do love scrolling through all the pretty projects and daydreaming about crafting.  I don’t know how many projects that I have pinned that I have actually tried – admittedly not many.  It’s fun to wrap yourself up in a few exciting and creative ideas.  I have a slight obsession with sewing boards and sewing projects.  And lately, I’ve been a little over the moon with projects to try in the baby’s room. First idea is a … Continue reading diy project overload