march: a slight hiatus

The month of March was an especially tough one.  My little family experienced two losses – one miscarriage and one lost cat. In February, my husband and I learned that we were expecting another baby due in October!  It was such surprising news to us since we weren’t exactly trying for another baby yet.  Baby Jane is only 10 months old right now so two little babies sounded overwhelming but exciting nonetheless!  It didn’t take long for me to become overjoyed at the news and I realized that it was also the perfect time frame for me for a second little … Continue reading march: a slight hiatus

a new milestone

Daily Post Theme: Rhythmic My little sweetpea has successfully slept through the night the last five nights in a row.  It started last week when I finally decided that it was time to give her a chance to fall asleep on her own, without my help.  Instead of rocking her to sleep, I laid her in the crib awake.  Each night it takes her less time to settle on her own and drift to sleep.  She fusses for a few minutes only and then there is a soft sleeping silence. I already miss holding and rocking her to sleep though.  The soothing … Continue reading a new milestone

life is not without change

I’ve been thinking about motherhood lately.  Just when I start to get the hang of being a Mama, something changes, and I’m reminded that I have no idea what I’m doing.  My baby is 8 months old now and she’s growing too fast.  I think about the months and years ahead and I’m giddy with excitement for what the future holds for her.  This year will be really challenging but fulfilling.  She will be one year old soon and then life will change again. In the spirit of motherhood, came across some quotes on Goodreads about being a mother and these … Continue reading life is not without change

Plan B

Daily Post Theme: Heard It started as a tiny whimper, then a gasp, and finally a loud grunt.  The baby monitor vibrated on my nightstand as she heaved a perturbed cry.  I heard a thump and another cry.  In the dark, I reach for the monitor and pressed the video button without looking.  A blast of white light hit my eyelids and I gently peaked through tiny slits to see her standing in her crib, attached like a barnacle to the railing.  Standing, oh heavens why is she standing?  A quick glance at the clock tells me that 2:45 am … Continue reading Plan B

there’s always room for more

From: Dad To: Sarah Subject: Baby Jane! I saw the video of the little one crawling! From: Dad To: Sarah Subject: RE: Baby Jane! YES!  She’s definitely on her way now.  She’s quick, too! From: Dad To: Sarah Subject: RE: Baby Jane! Your life has changed (again) forever. From: Dad To: Sarah Subject: RE: Baby Jane! Yep – this journey has been full of surprises.  My heart is definitely full. From: Dad To: Sarah Subject: RE: Baby Jane! You just think it’s full – the heart always has room for more. Continue reading there’s always room for more

wrap it up

This weekend, I finished a few projects.  One really big one and a little fun one. Our cat, Mika, just loves the texture of our couch and enjoys (to no end) digging into the fabric to sharpen her little talons.  There is nothing you can do to keep her from sprinting up to the couch, scratching furiously, and then taking off before you can shush her along.  I think she secretly loves watching me run after her.  The couch has turned into one giant cat scratching post.  She has destroyed the sides. My little sweet baby is mobile now and she semi-crawling. … Continue reading wrap it up