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too much acrylic yarn

The Daily Post Theme: Yarn I can't exactly pass up the Daily Post Theme about YARN, now can I? I have been pretty busy with a few knitting projects.  I have finished the Pirate Cove Shawl and I'm pretty pleased with it overall.  I have not taken a full photo of the finished project yet,… Continue reading too much acrylic yarn

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pirate’s cove shawl

The Daily Post Theme:  Unravel I've been working on a new knitting project and so far I have mixed feelings of my progress.  I found a free shawl pattern on Ravelry: Pirate's Cove by Hilary Latimer and thought it looked easy enough for a beginner.  The shawl is entirely garter stitch with one section of a… Continue reading pirate’s cove shawl

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a new milestone

Daily Post Theme: Rhythmic My little sweetpea has successfully slept through the night the last five nights in a row.  It started last week when I finally decided that it was time to give her a chance to fall asleep on her own, without my help.  Instead of rocking her to sleep, I laid her in the… Continue reading a new milestone

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Plan B

Daily Post Theme: Heard It started as a tiny whimper, then a gasp, and finally a loud grunt.  The baby monitor vibrated on my nightstand as she heaved a perturbed cry.  I heard a thump and another cry.  In the dark, I reach for the monitor and pressed the video button without looking.  A blast… Continue reading Plan B

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she is full of fire

Daily Post Theme: Lovingly When my little sweet baby was about 6 months old, I would lay her in her crib awake at night, kiss her on the nose, and say "good-night".  I would leave the room and in 15 minutes or so she would be asleep.  Of course it didn't work every time -… Continue reading she is full of fire

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the magic of a good home

A few days ago, I walked by this little note, "Free to a good home! (Smiley-face)".  The note and book were left outside of the copier room where I work.  Logically, a good place to stash unwanted items, since the copier room is a pretty central location with a fair amount of foot traffic.  Surely,… Continue reading the magic of a good home