native plants

Let’s talk about native plants!  When it comes to making decisions about which plants I want taking root in my yard, I consider native plants first.  My goals is to incorporate a few native plants into my garden every year.  I have spent some time researching this topic and I feel pretty strongly about creating and celebrating an ecosystem specific to my region.  I have found some really cool references along the way and I’d like to share them with you!

The US National Park Service website has some really great information about restoring native plants in your area.  According to An introduction to using native plants in restoration projects, “a native (indigenous) species is one that occurs in a particular region, ecosystem, and habitat without direct or indirect human actions (Kartesz and Morse 1997; Richards 1998).  Species native to North America are generally recognized as those occurring on the continent prior to European settlement.”

So why is it important to use native plants?  We need native plants to create a balanced ecosystem.  Let’s get to it!

American Beauties Native Plants

I happened to stumble on this website and I think it has a really cool search tool for finding native plants.  You can enter the plant species you’re looking for, then you zip code and find a garden center where the plants can be purchased.

Going Native

NC State University has a really great site full of information with details about why native habitats are important, how to get started, and how to create your own native landscape.

Grow Native!

I love this website!  Visit the Why Use Native Plants page.

Plant Native

Here you’ll find a list of native plants to Indiana and Ohio.  The site says it is intended for residential or commercial landscapers but I think it is still a great resource.

Native Plant Society of Northeastern Ohio

This site is dedicated to the promotion and study of Ohio’s native plants.  This is a great place to start if you want to learn more about Ohio plant species.

Find Native Plants

Are you looking for nurseries that sell native plants?  Awesome!  Then this is the site for you.  This website has a pretty good list of nurseries that can be found all over the State of Ohio.  There is plenty of reading material suggested on this site also.  Don’t live in OHIO?  Not a problem.  Just click “HOME” and you can choose a different region to search for nurseries.