I constantly refer to a few solid resources when I look for information about plants and gardening.  I thought it might be a good idea to share a few of my favorite resources here.  Feel free to make some suggestions!  I’d love to expand this list.

ASPCA – Toxic / Non-Toxic Plants

Do you have little pets?  Here is a list of toxic and non-toxic plants that you can refer to when filling your home or yard with some green stuff!   Here is another good resource for common house plants.

Farmers Market Online

Search for a Farmers Market in your city.  Don’t see yours listed?  There’s a link at the top to submit one.

Marianist Environmental Education Center

The Marianist Environmental Education Center (MEEC) is an environmental education community in the Catholic tradition.  The purpose of MEEC is to preserve and act in communion with the land and educate other communities in sustainability through ecology-based simple living, social justice and spirituality.  Every year they host a native Ohio plant sale.

Ohio Proud

This is a great site to look for Ohio-made and Ohio-grown products.  Give the Farm Markets page and click and you can search for Farmers Markets, submit a Farmers Market or start one up.  Cool site!