When I was a freshman in high school (in the late 90’s), my mom helped me sew my first dress.  I think it was a Simplicity pattern and she helped me cut it all out and sew it all together.  Actually, I think I started sewing it and lost interest and she finished it for me.  The dress was adorable – maybe a little short in the end – but I really liked it.  I don’t know what happened to it, which is a shame.  I should have kept it for always.  Other than this dress, I don’t recall sewing all that much when I was a kid.  My grandmother sewed quite a bit and had a cute little sewing room at her house and I always loved poking around at all the sewing supplies she had.  I ended up inheriting her sewing machine, fabric stash and odds ‘n ends notions after she passed away but didn’t really use it much before giving the machine to my mom.  I admit, this doesn’t exactly sound like an introduction to the beginning of a long history of sewing success for me especially since I didn’t actually finish my first garment until two years ago!

A good friend of mine opened a sewing shop in Dayton a few years back and she has inspired me to get behind the sewing machine again.  She has her own sewing shop called Needle Ink & Thread and she teaches sewing classes to adults and kids. She has taught me so much and I’m grateful for her encouragement and sewing support. Thank you, Jesy, for inspiring me to sew again!

Anyway, I have taken a few sewing classes from my friend and it has been a blast learning sewing basics.  I’m very excited to challenge myself to sew more for my little baby.  I found some very cute baby clothing patterns that look pretty simple.  I’d love to make her clothes but there are so many other things that I can make for her too like bibs, blankets, stuffed animals and other cute little baby things.  I’m excited to share my sewing projects on this blog!