“Your average knitter,

obsessed as we are with the art form, is quickly going to begin producing far more in the way of warm things than are needed by even an arctic-bound knitter. Knitting breeds generosity, true...but perhaps in a hurry to avoid burying ourselves in hand-knits. There are only so many scarves one knitter can use.” ― Stephanie … Continue reading “Your average knitter,

A glance at 2017 – the Year of Knitting

I know, I'm a little late with a 2017 reflection post.  It's hard to believe its March!  I do have a perfectly good excuse for not writing for the past 4 months.  Are you ready?  My little family will grow by one this year - I'm expecting a new baby!  I have felt absolutely terrible … Continue reading A glance at 2017 – the Year of Knitting