a place to start

Greetings and salutations friends!  Thank you for taking a minute to visit this tiny dot of a blog.  I thought it might be a good idea to introduce the concept of this blog right here, up front, so there is no confusion.  Because, junk drawers are kind of confusing.

In the past, I have attempted and admittedly failed many times to organize a blog.  When I started my first blog and then my second blog (and maybe there was a third?), I thought that for it to be successful I would have to focus on only one topic.  The blog should have a specific point of view.  For example, “This blog is about delicious beer.”   I found that most of the successful blogs out there appeared to be written by folks with a certain level of “expertise” about their topic.  While I can see that this is certainly the ideal scenario in order to connect with readers who like the same things, I found that my problem was that I wanted to write about too many dang things.  In the end, I decided that the reason for so many failures was because I just wanted to write about whatever I wanted with reckless regard for whether or not it fit my blogs “purpose” or “vision”.  Boom.  There it is.

Every new blog that I have ever created started much the same way.  I felt full of energy, excitement, and motivation.  I would save up a bunch of ideas and blog topics to write about and then in the end, I would lose steam.  I would find something else interesting to write about but didn’t think I could post it because it did not fit the theme of the blog.  The one thing in common with all of my blogs is that I have a desire to write.  Maybe I have some sort of “writers A.D.D” and I can’t seem to settle down on one topic to write about.  Maybe I was focused too heavily on trying to shove everything into one place and I completely lost sight of just writing for fun.  I decided that I was going attempt to blog one last time and this last time I would need to rethink the whole thing.

So I did some research and read about how to blog rather than just “winging” it as I had done in the past.  I follow this cute little blog called A Beautiful Mess.  You might be familiar with it.  It is wildly successful and I think its super pretty to look at.  I like to read the posts and some of the crafty DIY projects actually look pretty easy and doable.  (whoda thought?)  Anyway, they offered a Blog e-Course a while back and I jumped.  I read Blog Life from front to back and got to work with a new concept.

I compare this blog to the junk drawer in my kitchen.  Yep, its the lonely drawer that collects miscellaneous objects.  Maybe everyone has one.  Mine has managed to collect rubber bands, batteries, playing cards, chalk, an outlet cover, paperclips, a screwdriver, old keys, and a bunch of other misfit nonsense items.  It’s funny, the purpose of a junk drawer is to catch all the things that we don’t know what to do with.  It’s actually full of junk items that don’t really have another home and it sort of insinuates that its contents are worthless but the opposite is true.  Everything in my junk drawer is useful and does has a purpose.  On more than one occasion something found inside has come to the rescue.  In fact, the junk drawer could very well be the most important drawer in my kitchen.  And so the idea to shape my blog into more of a “junk drawer” space felt right.  It’s my catch-all.

So here is my mish-mash of writings and personal interests in one place, just like a junk drawer.  Thanks again for stopping by.